Mission Statement

To serve our social and physical environments through blending science and values - this has been and remains our mission from our founding in the early 70s.

Addressing problems in the human environment involving behavior and public health risk comprised much of our work during our first 25 years. Our anti-tobacco efforts directed toward teens and pregnant women were among some of the first in the nation. Our efforts toward driving and boating safety and substance abuse have been copied and reproduced by many public health organizations, members of the faith community, and both public and private agencies. However, our main focus was to provide information that would help schools and families.

Starting in 1998 much of our focus moved to ecology and environmental issues that need to be calmly but forcefully addressed. Much of the material here is still designed to support schools, from guidelines on their pesticide application to crisis management to advising parents on changing dynamics.

Our video and written materials can be used without charge; we only ask that if you think it represents something of value you forward it on to others who would benefit.