Internet Risk Value and Youth

What hath God wrought? – Samuel Morris

In 1844 Samuel Morris electronically telegraphed the above four words from Washington to his colleague in Baltimore. The message seemingly traveled like magic through space and time. Morris, along with the world, was stunned.

What sort of world would we create when humanity could break the ancient bonds of distance to connect?


Unregulated or overregulated internet/cyberspace is a threat. Comprehending the value, risks and nature of this new dimension is as fascinating as it is critical.

If there was any doubt about the internet both helping and harming, consider COVID-19. Government internet police punished those who initially warned colleagues of imminent risk. As responsible health providers effectively used the internet to share lifesaving guidance, shysters cynically pushed bogus COVID-19 cures. At the edge of the dark web, conspiracy theories, paranoia and racism thrived.

Internet/cyberspace enhances our ability to creatively connect, yet also inspires hate, can harm the innocent and undermine democracies while empowering the profane and demagogues.

The arc of human history has given us the printing press, radio and television and now the internet. They each require rules. Our world is tumbling into a stunning new version of reality, providing unparalleled opportunities for good or evil, dependent on how we govern.

The book, Governing the Internet, looks to our history and beliefs for guidance.

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