The Post-COVID-19 School

Making mistakes in a crisis is excusable—not learning from them is a sin.

The Post-COVID-19 School

What Went Wrong with American Schools Response to COVID-19—Often a Lot. COVID–19 is typically caused by inhaling someone’s exhaled bronchial fluid in an environment that allows a substantial number of the SARS–CoV–2 viruses to blend with, and become established in, someone else’s lungs. Contamination through touching and hand–to–mouth ingestion is possible, but rare. It’s not what is touched, it’s what is inhaled that schools need to control.

We constantly exhale small invisible packets of bronchial fluid. Some packets may contain a virus and if the bronchial fluid gets through a near-by person's immune system the virus could make them ill.

The Resilient School

Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Experience

The responsibly managed school will never return to pre-COVID-19 operations. COVID-19 took over one million American lives, while simultaneously degrading our educational systems. We are now realizing how to better limit future risks while honoring our educational mission. Guiding concepts regarding public health and school management need to adjust to a new reality.

The Immune System and Schools Addressing Future Pandemics

Crisis Communications and School Administration

Benchmarking Relative Risk

Background information on COVID-19 Schoolroom Safety

In a classroom or any other area within a school, the process of estimating the level of inhaling another’s bronchial fluid will equate with risk. Schools need to identify and respond with standardized risk assessment. Using C02 as a proxy will provide responsible guidance.

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