Pesticides - Best Practices

Pesticides and chronic disease are increasingly a concern of the community, regulators, and of pesticide applicators themselves. With financial support from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Bush foundation we brought together leaders in pesticide and toxicology research, hands-on pesticide applicators and regulators, and educational leaders of agricultural extension services from many states. The result was a 16-minute video production dealing with chronic disease, pesticide labeling, and, most significantly, best practices.

Whether you're responsible for managing application for agriculture, forestry, or deciding the safest way to manage athletic fields or recreational park area, this short presentation should explain the importance of universal application of best practices for pesticide application.

Video - 16:35 minutes

Pesticides Health & Safety Booklet

Pesticide application guidelines and an understanding of the potential relationship of pesticides to chronic disease are fundamental for those men and women who become applicators.

The first document describes pesticide best practices and application considerations that should be undertaken by every pesticide applicator but especially the professional applicator.

Chronic disease and its potential relationship to pesticide application and regulation is the focus of a second document. This document was created by medical and toxicology professionals alongside extension service agricultural experts and hands-on applicators.