April 2022

The Responsible Post Pandemic School Building

School administrators have taken extraordinary measures to safeguard school building occupants during the pandemic. We have learned much in the last two years about viruses and schools.

Our approach to better protect those in our buildings must utilize this better understanding of viruses and consequent risks to school building occupants. (PDF document)

February 2022

COVID-19 and Safer Schools

Increased understanding of COVID-19 has enhanced our ability to safeguard schools. It's understood that to the extent possible, school facilities should be open as they adjust to protect school occupants.


Three considerations:

1. School Safety
Among occupants this may involve masking, vaccination and testing guidelines, selective and general isolation and controlling activities and interactions. For the school building itself we now understand the major cause of virus exposure is shared breathing zones. Identifying and responding to unhealthy breathing zone exposure in schoolrooms is discussed in our publication, School-Room COVID-19 Safety (PDF document).

Immune System Cover Image

See also our supportive publication: The Immune System and Schools Addressing Covid-19 (PDF document).

2. Effective Communications
In emotive situations it's not enough to do the right thing. it's critical to communicate that the challenge is being responsibly managed.

We are including a supportive publication, Crisis Communications and School Administration-COVID-19 (PDF document).

3. Financial Considerations
In addition to state/local funding the American Rescue Plan earmarks 126 billion in Federal dollars for schools with an additional 54 billion in special grants. Similarly, in spite of their initial refusal to provide coverage, legal actions are emerging requiring insurance carriers to cover documented COVID-19 losses. Carefully archiving financial information on COVID-19 losses and expenses are reviewed in our paper Public and Private Recovery of COVID-19 Financial Losses and Supporting New Safety Requirements (PDF document).

Background information on COVID-19 Schoolroom Safety

The following is written and video material that describes issues involving school operations and saefty concerns relating to COVID-19. We wish to thank the Wall Street Journal for allowing us to display their video material describing significance of air exchange in schoolrooms.

The importance of ventilation in buildings
Air exchange and classroom safety
Assuring and validating classroom safety

February 2022

Learning From Other Nations - The COVID-19 School Reopening Dilemma

COVID-19, public health posters
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