Prom Night Collection

Maximize Your School’s Wall’s Value! A few seconds of “eyeballs” is valuable in reaching out to young people.

  1. You absolutely capture “eyeballs” You have a captive audience—what you post gets seen.
  2. What gets posted is trusted! The school is the most trusted building in the community.

Our Talking Walls posters are free to download and print. Add your logo or name to the pdf and jpg but please preserve our copyright. Foundations support our creating these posters. If you can send us a picture of your posting, we will share that with our supporters. Learn more About Persuasion and the Public Good.

Prom is sort of an American "rite of passage" which to many helps define a happy transition from childhood to adult. There are times, though, when what was supposed to be a magical night turns into something tragic. Of course, it’s wrong to focus on the negative, but gentle and careful warnings can help avoid tragedy.

We offer a large selection of materials that may be of value to use in a subtle way, prior to the big night. They have been used in the past by school districts for pre-prom placement. The Prom Night Collection is a selection of the materials we believe are most appropriate.

Good luck, and may your prom bring nothing but great memories for everyone!

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